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West Chester, PA 19382

Screen Printing / Embroidery 

Screen Printing  

Our screen printing division utilizes multiple automatic and manual equipment, to produce in excess of 1.2 million prints in 2009. This production capability enables us to process your orders in a timely fashion, and more importantly deliver them on time. In over 35 years of business we have never missed a deadline. Our normal turn-around time is 7-10 business days. However, we try to accommodate those who need quicker turn-around times.

We also offer some very specialized services:

         1.  COLOR MATCHING -- Our computerized formulas create near perfect PMS matches.
         2.  IN-HOUSE DESIGN STUDIO -- Our skilled artists are available to assist you in creating designs
              and layouts that sell.
         3.  FULL COLOR PROCESS PRINTING -- Our first print is identical to our last.
         4.  ALL TYPES OF FABRIC --We even have good results with 100% acrylic fabrics.
         5.  A "CHOKED" UNDERBASE FOR FLASHING -- We "choke" all underbase to eliminate white edges from showing and
              to minimize pock marks and lessen flash creep.
         6.  INK CURE CHECKPOINTS -- We continually check the temperature to insure a complete ink "cure"; thus eliminating any                   fading, cracking, scorching, and peeling of the prints.
         7.  GIRLS TIGHTS -- We are one of the few companies in the country who has mastered this technique.
         8.  DELIVERY OF GOODS -- WE will do all the packaging, bagging, labeling, and anonymously drop shipping goods to
              your customers.

Offering these special services and by having an excellent reputation for service, quality and on-time delivery, we have become a major supplier in the contract printing segment of our industry. And through our customers, we have printed goods for many national advertising campaigns and events, including rally flags for the Atlanta Braves, Florida Marlins and the 1996 NCAA National Basketball Champion Kentucky Wildcats.


Our embroidery division utilizes the most technologically advanced computerized systems on the market today. Our 9 and 12 color Tajima machines are the fastest and most reliable at embroidering logos and designs. We currently stock over 15,000 designs from the Great Notions library. 

Our talented digitizers can also reproduce your own unique logo in a version suitable for embroidery. Great embroidery begins with great designs, and our digitizing staff regularly attend seminars and classes to educate and advance their skills with new technology. Our technicians inspect every embroidered garment as they are removed from the machine and trim away extra backing, loose threads, and topping material to ensure you have a beautifully finished embroidered design.

Corporate Apparel

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, creating the right corporate image is very important. Leisure Graphics, Inc. can offer you a vast selection of corporate casual wear to help you create that image.

Corporate sportswear is used to motivate sales teams and to reward employees. Many companies use casual wear for event marketing such as a grand opening, an introduction of a new product, or as a fund raiser. Studies have shown that screen printed and embroidered apparel leads to increased sales and business awareness. Furthermore, it’s been shown to improve employee morale and performance.

Leisure Graphics, Inc. has over 35 years experience providing customized corporate sportswear to businesses and organizations. We can offer you all the latest styles, fashions and colors available – fully embroidered or screen printed with your company logo. We also have over 15,000 embroidery designs in stock. All of our embroidery and screen printing is produced on our premises and we have an excellent reputation for quality, service and on-time delivery.